Pocher 1/8 Ferrari F40 and Testerossa

I bought these two huge Ferrari, 1/8 scale, about 22 inches long 3 years ago. The light blue F40 is from Germany, at that time, I spent about 270Euro; the Testerossa is about 200USD. The Testerossa is wholly assembled by myself, it took me about 1 month to complete it. Both cars car fantastic. The F40 is repainted by the German seller, as the Pocher factory has released it in red, yellow and black only. The Pocher Ferrari F40 now cost about 500-700USD in EBAY.COM; and the 512TR kit goes around 350-400USD. Built model cost less, but especially for F40s, it can go somewhere about 450-600USD easily.

After keeping it for 3 years, I have sold these 2 models for 700 USD due to family pressure. But I believe, I will get another one in future.

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