This page contains several special Ferrari models which are made by the La Miniminiera from Italy, all of them are quite rare or even released in limited edition. I do own a few of them, i.e. F50 GT1, F550 Cabriolet. If you own any Ferrari models which made by La Miniminiera are not shown in below, I would appreciate if you would send me a photo and added into the collection.


F50 GT1 Test Car
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F50 50th Anniversary
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F355 Challenge 1999 Rossocorsa Nr.6
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F355 Challenge Europeo Nr.73
F355GTS Pace Car
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F355 Mondiale Baso Nr.71
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F355 Challenge Brummel Nr.5
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F355 Challenge Kroyman 1996 Nr.6
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F360 Auto Becker Nr.31
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F360 Cabriolet
F360 Challenge Holland Champion Nr.82
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F360 Pain Paillasse
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F360 Challenge Valleverde Nr.31
F360 Pace Car Imola 2001
F360 AGS Formula 1 Nr.3
456GT Pace Car Monza 95
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F550 Cabrio
F550 Cabrio Yellow
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F550 Dolomoti Superski Nr.24
F550 (50th Anniversary of Ferrari)
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F550 Apripista 1000km Monza
F550 Apripista Monza Rossocorsa
F550 Marlboro Nr.8
F550 Pace Car Campionato Italy
F550 The Ultimate Winner
F40 GT Supercar 1993 Nr.14
F40 L. Dalla Noce Camp Nr.14 (Red & Blue)
F40 Tenerife Belmondo Nr.41
F40 Imola Nr.8
F40 G. Spatafora Nr.8
F40 L'Indipendente Nr.6
(La Mini Miniera Box Version)
F40 L'Indipendente Nr.6
(Normal Box Version)
F40 Pilot Nr.56
Ferrari F40 Marble
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Ferrari F50 Bochum
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250 GTO Nr. 165
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250 GTO Laguna Seca Nr.9
250 GTO Nr.86 (Dark Brown With White Roof)
250 GTO Targa Trophy 1963 (Dark Green) Nr.16
250 GTO Florio Argentina Nr.108 1963
250 GTO Sartees Nr.6 (DARK RED)
250 GTO Lagona Seca Nr.23
250 GTO Nr.20 White
250 GTO Tourist Trophy (Light Green) Nr.15
250 GTO Nr.26
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Ferrari 250 GTO Nr.106 "Team Waltham" Targa Florio 1964
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250GTO Blue Nr.16
250GTO Red Nr.19
250GTO Red Nr.96
250GTO Red Nr.3
250GTO silver Nr.172
Ferrari 250 GTO Nr.175
(Yellow Strips on both sides)

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Ferrari 250 GTO Black Nr.5
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Ferrari 250 GTO Yellow Nr.31
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250TR Yellow Nr.58
250TR Targa Florio Nr.102
250 TR Nr.17 (Red Interior)
250 TR Nr.37 Red
250 TR Nr.22
250 TR Nr.20 Blue
250 TR Nr.16 Red
250LM Florio Nr.132
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250LM Daytona Nr.26
250LM Corsa Nr.28 1966
Ferrari 250 LM Nr.69 Nurburgring 1000KM
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Ferrari 250 LM Nr.22 Monza
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Ferrari 250 LM Nr.69
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Ferrari 250 LM Nr.2
Ferrari 250 LM Nr.9 (Ferrari Red Box)
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Bugatti EB110
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