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Who am I?

I have started collecting diecasts since 1994. Up till now, my collection is approaching a number of 350+ cars, from the scale of 1/87 upto 1/8. About 90% of my model are Ferrari street models, mainly BBurago and UT. I do have a few rare ones. I also collect Mclaren F1s, but not too many.

Special Event
Ferrari F40 & F50
Mclaren GT & GTR
Ferrari F40 Taisan JGTC vs Koenig F48 & Testarossa Competition 1
Ferrari F360 & F430 Challenge Club
Blue & Purple Ferrari F355s vs Mclaren LM
White Ferrari F360s vs Mclaren GTR
Ferrari Safety Cars
Subaru Impreza vs Mitsubishi Lancer
Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 Saloon
997 Turbo vs Murcielago 40th vs SLR Mclaren
Ferrari F360 vs Porsche GT2 1/18
Ferrari F40 Racing 1/18
Ferrari F360 Modena Saloon 1/18
Ferrari F355 Challenge Saloon 1/18
Ferrari F355 and F360 Challenge 1/18
UT & Hotwheels Ferrari F355 Challenge
5 Super Cars 1/12
BBR Ezno vs Elite FXX & Enzo
26 1/12 Cars Show
1/18 Porsche Saloon
1/18 Ferrari F348, F355, F360, F40
1/18 Nissan Skyline R34
1/18 Porsche 911 (996)
1/18 Lamborghini Countach, Diablo & Murcielago
1/18 BMW M3 GTR
1/12 Ferrari F50 vs Enzo
UT Mclaren GTR F1
UT Ferrari F355
Minichamps BMW M1
1/12 Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren

Last Update on : 6 June 2007